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Realtor New Home Contract Rescue 911

Always Use A Realtor® to Buy A New Construction Home. Your Realtor® will fight for you and has more pull with a builder than you will. Issues often arise in the construction of a new home and you may not get the answer you want when you ask.

However, builders need to maintain their reputations with Realtors® because it can quickly affect their sales numbers if our clients are not satisfied. We know how to compare builders, mortgage lenders, closing costs and how to represent your interests in one of your largest purchases ever.

The sales person in the builders model home is there to represent the builders interests, not the buyers. You need an experienced Realtor® to walk you through the complex builder contracts and guide you through what is included in the home you are purchasing and what is an upgrade.

Some people incorrectly believe that they will be charged more money to be represented by a Realtor. That is not true, builders already have the cost calculated into the contract and they prefer to see knowledgeable buyers represented by Realtors who help navigate the complex contracts and can advise the buyer what is best for them.

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